Seekers of a'Vron

Session 6

Go to inn and party

hear a story that points to maybe finding Logic

Do stuff around town for the next three days

set off for city of Zay. Take a trip down a valley in the mountains to the south of the city.

have brains sucked into the past

seem concussed by a major battle in the city of Zay.

a commander selects us for an important mission

meet the rubric cube, i mean Logic, and sneak him out of the city. Fight a few creature at the south? gate.

run through forest and ambush some pursuers.

get to the end of a valley in the mountains to the south of the city of zay.

  • 1 estate guard – Q
  • Rastoon lieutenants (3 total) 1 trips, 2 for Ambrose
  • Rastoon Captian (1) – Q
  • Cave Leapers (6 total – from caves) 3 for Q, 2 for Senrin, and 1 for Ambrose
  • Wind Terrors (15 total) 2 for Q, 10 for Senrin, 1 for Fred, 1 suicide, and 1 for Ambrose
  • Wind Fiend (1) Q
  • Ice Dancers (9 total) 6 Q and 3 for Senrin
  • Frozen Hulk (1) – Senrin
  • Earth Crawlers (12 total) 4 have misadventures, 4 for Q, 2 for Senrin, and 2 for Fred
  • Earth Mother (1) Q
  • Magma Python (1) Flash-Forward
  • Rastoon’s Soldiers (40 total) Senrin
  • Witch (3 total) 1 for Q, 1 for Ambrose, and one for undead soldier under Senrin’s control
  • Undead Rastoon’s Soldiers (40 total) Senrin
  • Drakes (5 total) 4 for Q and 1 for Senrin
  • Orc Marauder (18 total) 7 for Q, 1 for Yorik, 5 for Senrin, and 5 for Ambrose
  • Giant Skulker (10 total – large 2 headed humanoids with big swords) 8 for Q and 2 for Ambrose
  • Frozen Wym (3 total) 1 for Q, 1 for Fang, 1 for Ambrose
  • ???? (Flying Fire Bird) (3 total) 1 for Senrin and 2 for Ambrose
  • Mysterious Maw-Toothed Terror (1) Fang


  • Q – 40
  • Senrin – 111
  • Ambrose – 15
  • Other – 7 (misfortune, suicide, and otherwise)
Loot so far
What we sold and what we kept

What we had from last Adventure:
Loot From Adventure One
mage oil is now worth half price as alchemy material
the anointed vials also worth the same

What we gained:
1 Flawless Vest (Fancy Vest)
1 perfect molar/tooth of a Yeti
1 Charm
1 expensive ring
1 level 2 scroll of Good Berry
1 level 3 scroll of sleep 2
1 piece of chalk
4 resisting cold oils
4 shattering vials
2 mana potions
and 440 silver
20 silver each from the inn
110 silver material for metal crafting
66 silver worth of mage material
1100 silver worth of Mysterious Maw-Toothed Terror material (from either bone, fur, and/or meat) – can only be used in the city.

An Old World, An Old War, Part II
Session 5

note of rule changes: each player (including DM) receives 2 additional action die at each scene but they to not affect the starting die number (so receive 6 but still count 4). In addition, action die now explode at highest and lowest roll (ex 1 and/or a 6 on a d6). Also, a wild magic result can only happen once per scene unless of special circumstances. And finally, magic is now cynical. At the start of the scene a d6 is rolled. For a 1 or 2, Senrin has a max of half his spell points. For a 3 or 4, they stay at normal levels. And with a 5 or 6, he has 50% more points.

“Q” is now Earth

The three heroes are fatigued and need to rest.

The builder makes them a shelter.

After some crafting the set out to where the builder remembers a city being.

They get attacked by ice serpents and flying fire lizards on the way.

City at the harbor

At the top a the hill over looking the city, Ambrose talks to the other two away from Engi.

“Q” walks away and pokes some snow.

Yeti fight

A Yeti rises out of the snow. The party kills it in 42 seconds.

They head into the city. Con an old man, sell some loot and are cheated, and man another man some everlasting Viagra.

An Old World, An Old War, Part I
Session 4

Start out talking to the builder.

Discussed him and his 13 brother’s problems.

builder intends to recapture his brother Xandir and to fix the machine, called the Solarium.

The heroes try to leave but find that they are now outside of time.

All step out together.

They appear in a very, very temperate forest around midday, not in the caves in winter where they started.

They hear sounds in the distance and go to investigate.

They find the city of Zay, (the builder recognizes it) under siege. They are back in the time of the construction of the Solarium.

They party heads to the city, “Q” kills a beast unfortunate enough to get in her way.

View outside the city

They enter the city and head to the center. The city has been breached so they must pick their path carefully.

Paths to the center

They run into six humanoids with war hammers. “Q” kills 2, Ambrose kills 3, and Senrin paralyses and slits the throat of the last one. 3 more show up which “Q” dissolves with acid.

First street battle

They head on and find three more of the humanoids and a large lizard. The divert them into an alley and Senrin and Ambrose kill them. While this happens, “Q” finds six two headed giants sneaking up on them. She instead ambushes and kills all six before Senrin and Ambrose notice.


They make it to the center keep with no further incidents. They enter the library at the base of the builder’s tower (who is by now called Engi, short for engineer). They find a book of maps that Senrin make a quick copy of the map.

Center of the city
Lower four levels of tower
The builders workroom

They head up to the top of the tower and find out that they are 2.5 thousand measures in the past (about 30,000 years).

Engi starts to make something to bring us back to the correct time and place and tells the heroes to guard him while he does.

They get into a great big battle at the entrance to the tower and just kick ass and don’t even bother taking names till (what I believe is) Conflict shows up and starts to tear the tower apart.

The quad (builder, Senrin, Ambrose, and “Q”) use the plate the builder just created to escape.

They find themselves in a winter wasteland in what appears to be the ruins of the city Zay.

Loot From Adventure One

405 + 357 silver
1 Fancy Pair of Socks 16 silver
1 Lieutenant’s Flail 10 silver
1 Mage Armor Oil (Mage Armor Oil: A character or item treated with this oil
benefits from a Mage Armor spell.) 100 silver (Still good till half way into the next adventure)
1 Level 3 Scroll (nature’s ally 2) 200 silver
1 small box lined with silver (salvaged item – I do not know where to look for this value)
1 Monster Art (wooden frame with a forest scene depicting a bear and the moon) 100 silver
2 Anointed Vial: A character or item whose Alignment opposes that of the vial contents (determined when the vial is made) suffers 2d6 divine damage. (25 silver each = 50 silver) (This will spoil but I am going to assume that it will do so at the end of the next adventure since we received at the end of this one.)

Total reputation gained through the adventure 3 + 15 + Legend + 5 = 23 + Legend

The Beginning of the End of the World, Part III

Q makes a detailed Sketch of Tattoo Room.

There is now a blue glowing line that circles the room. A pulse of blue light runs along it periodically.

go into silver room

fight a wind fiend and wind terrors

room Works!

next rooom – fight
next room – fight
final room – fight

main room – chill storm
Lord of Rebirth freed
main room – dominate dead
chill storm

meet the builder

The Beginning of the End of the World, Part II

Scene 3:
note: Q is an ice elemental

The session picks up in the pech meeting room in the Shady Rafters.

Pech, “While you were busy in Lord Rastoon’s estate, I was following the three women that visit him.” He tells the heroes that he had found the women’s house and he would like it if the heroes would search the house.

If the heroes are not driven by altruism, the pech tell the heroes that the women are rich and that they could keep anything they want from the house to finance this excursion, aka ‘make it worth their while.’

The pech would like it if the trio could find anything that links the women to Lord Rastoon and also anything that would identify the women. The pech lets the heroes know that the women leave every few days either during the afternoon, evening, or at night. The house is located by a shop that Q knows of, and that there are oddly shaped stones outside this house.

The pech goes on to imply that he is a part of a larger organization and that if the heroes are in legal trouble, he could get them out of it.

Pech, “You can contact me the same way you did last time. If it’s an emergency, don’t run here with your pants on fire. Most of the people who do business here”

Interrupting, Ambrose says,”Don’t worry; we seem to make it a habit of running with our pants on fire out of the situation.”

The pech replies, “I suppose that is true.” Pause, “Should it be that kind of issue, simply come to the stables behind the inn and knock three times on the back kitchen door. Someone will be with you and contact me. I will leave you be and let you see to your needs. Feel free to take rest for the evening, recuperate.”

Q replies, ”Ahem, we will do so.”

The pech proceeds to say, ”And proceed on this at your own rate. I do expect to see you in the next day or two.”

After the pech leaves, Senrin mends Q of her wounds from the fights of earlier that night. And Ambrose mends himself up.

Q , Senrin, and Ambrose discuss whether the women’s behavior is going to change due to that night’s excitement.

“Well in the heat of the day their behavior is going to change. And the Ladies’ behavior is going to change because of what just happened,” Q says.

Senrin replies, “We don’t know the importance of these ladies anyway. We don’t know if they will go to the estate more or less because of what we did.”

Q suggests, “I think what we should do, is to take a day of resting to recover from the fighting.”

Ambrose suggests, “So what I am saying is probably we should sleep in late this morning and start staking them out in the afternoon. Since this is most likely the time for them to leave.”

The three heroes decide to rest through the morning and head straight there instead of shopping or other things.

When Ambrose gets up he disguises his skins so it looks more natural. Senrin and Q helps with the disguise.

The three of them find the house with no trouble in the early afternoon (~2 pm) and they scope out the house. After they scope it out they hide in the shadows across the street. Q and Senrin watch the windows while Ambrose watches the crowd. Q also tries to gauge the mood of the crowd.

The house is situated in a residential area. The house looks to be a fairly modest house. It is reasonable well kept on the outside. There are dark shades over the windows; which, in most cases would indicate someone who works in the evenings and wants to be able to sleep in the day. Or it could be because someone is trying to keep out a draft. There are only two or three windows, which is pretty normal. It looks like a house with three rooms. It looks like an upper middle class house. It is a wood exterior house with the shingles in good repair. The yard is dirt because all the grass has died away due to winter. The ground in front of the front door does not have as much wear as you might expect. It is the nicest house in the area but not so nice as to stick out.

People seem to be moving past fairly regularly and Ambrose does not see anyone more than once as far as he can tell. There are a couple city guard patrols that move past but they do not notice the trio. The guards are in the colors of Vrindir and are shoddily equipped.

The mood of the crowd is somewhat conflicted. A lot of the people are of the mind that Lord Restune got what was coming to him and he deserved it and they are pretty happy with whoever did it and no one knows who did it. They are assuming that one of his rival houses did it. No one knows if he is alive or not. People have seen soldiers of his in his colors still wearing his colors and armor. They are assuming he is alive but there are rumors that he is dead.

The other people are saying that these people have brought much more pain upon the poor, because there have been rumors he is going to burn down the puddle. They are worried that he will retaliate by burning down the puddle, which will be easy since it is mostly made out of wood.

Senrin and Q causally stroll past the house. The play and run with a neighborhood dog. They are able to case the house and there is no sign of heat coming from the house. The snow directly adjacent to the house is un-melted.

Q spreads some very colorful lies that at the heart of them imply that Lord Restune wears women’s clothing but goes much further than that. A lot of people believe this.

Senrin and Ambrose convince people that they have seen Lord Restune wearing a dress, parading about town with a man on his arm, wearing makeup and things to disguise his facial hair. And people tend to generally believe this and appreciate Ambrose and Senrin’s candor. People are very interested in the fact that he wears a dress and why and they say that he does deserve to have his house burn down.

As they sneak about spreading horrible rumors and canvas the house. At some point (about 9 pm) they hear noise within the house. It sounds like walking on wood floors. The front door opens and three women in black hooded robes/cloaks exit the house, shut and lock the door behind them. As the middle one turns around to lock, the other two stay facing forward and flanking her. The cloaks have long billowing sleeves that are held together when their hands are not in use. The three of them walk in a wedge formation and people tend to get out of their way. They are three creep women with black robes that you can’t see their faces.

Senrin gets around in front of them, and gets ready to bump the one on the left and try and see under her hood.

He bumps into her successfully and it seems like a legitimate accident. It looked like he was looking at something he was holding or on the ground. She is annoyed, you can tell by her posture. And though she continues walking she is like, angry hum, this doesn’t happen. Senrin did see a flash of neck, which was pale white with supple skin (young white but not baby skin).

Senrin to himself, ”Nothing spectacularly particular odd about that.”

Q tries to determine how the three women reacted to the bump (their mood before and after the bump). Before, they seem like they have done this before and they were walking at a comfortable pace in time with each other. After the bump, they all slow down, but the one that Senrin bumps is the only one that turns. And she acts as though she is going to hurry to catch up and sort of realizes that she doesn’t have to. There mood before is that this is normal and afterwards they are sort of annoyed from the bump. There is no change beyond that.

While this is going on, Ambrose goes and examines the door and how it is locked. He looks and it looks like a normal lock to him.

The other two go and join him. Senrin detects hidden door but does not find any outside. Q also looks at the lock and determines that although this is an ordinary looking lock it has a mechanism that seems to do something on the inside. She has seen this before and it is usually some sort of alarm mechanism. She points it out to Ambrose after she realizes he missed it.

Ambrose attempts to disable the alarm and unlock the door. He manages to unlock the door but the mechanism is sort of stuck. Ambrose tries to get the mechanism unstuck and disabled. It feels like it tugged free and is disabled.

While Ambrose is fiddling with the door, Senrin and Q are standing over him on either side, looking nonchalant.

Ambrose opens and walks in the door like he belongs there.

Entering the home, it is really dark inside. There is no light inside the building. It is completely dark with the windows blacked out. They can’t see a damn thing.

After the door is shut, Senrin pulls out his razor and casts glow on it, making it act as a lantern.

Three women s house

A room is illuminated before them. They are standing on a wide rug but there is nothing else in the room except two doors (besides the one they entered from). They find that the mechanism was a small chain that attaches to a part on the door that looks like when it goes off it would explode.

Senrin says, “Before we leave, rig it so that it goes off no matter how it is opened next time.”

Senrin detects secret door again and feels that there is something behind the door on the right. Ambrose searches to see if there are anymore traps in the room but he does not find any.

Senrin says, “I feel something behind the door on the right, but I suggest before we go and explore this presence I feel that we check out the other room. Feels normal, maybe there is something else in there, who knows.”

They find that the left hand door is unlocked and they enter the room. They find crates of various sizes that are all made of wood and they are all closed. These crates fill about half the room.

Senrin says sarcastically, “Crates, that’s great.” They break open a random crate and inside they find it full of pickaxes.

Ambrose opens the smallest box and finds that it is lined with silver with silver wire and ingots inside which can be used for magical or jewelry purposes. Encouraged, Ambrose opens all the boxes he can but only finds mundane items within them.

While this is going on Q puts her ear close to the wall and tries to hear what is in the other room. She hears an ‘ooooohing.’

The party heads to the next room and find that it is locked. Ambrose while examining the door handle sees a small hole that appears to have something in it. This hole is placed such that a hand would cover it if the handle was gripped. Ambrose was able to successfully disable both the lock and the trap. The party enters the right hand room.

The room that is illuminated by the glowing razor has only a bed in it against the wall that separates the two rooms.

Q listens for the sound and hears it coming from underneath the bed. Senrin detects secret door and he feels that it is also under the bed.

Senrin says, “Well, stuff is going on under the bed.”

Ambrose looks under the bed and finds a trap door. Air is whisking out the sides where it doesn’t quite close. Ambrose and Q move the bed easily and quietly (there are hidden rollers.

Ambrose checks the trap door before he opens it. He finds inside the door: a ladder (made of wood that has been reinforced with iron) and a rope pulley system. They trio is not able to see the bottom of the shaft and they feel warmer but dank air on their faces.

Senrin jumps down the shaft and casts feather fall on himself. He gently floats down and as he gets farther down it gets more and more dank and the more it smells of earth and stone. Until he gently alights at the bottom, were he finds rough hewn stone that has been cut out of the surrounding area.

Q and Ambrose climb down the ladder after Senrin.

The trio is now standing at the bottom of the shaft, at the beginning of a rough hewn hallway.

They follow the hallway and they walk for about 20 minutes on a long, winding, hewn stone path. It looks like someone took the time to meticulously dig the hallway out. The path is angled slightly down the entire way.

As they come to the end, they emerge into what is a very large space, which feels more natural. Senrin’s light shines out to the edge of a body of water that looks to be rather large. The water is very still.

Underground lake shore

Ambrose examines the shore edge to see if there are any marking of creatures that come out of the water. The is a small beach about four to six inches and then stone, so Ambrose finds nothing to indicate that something crawls in or out of the water. The edge of the water is about 15 feet way from the walls.

Q casts dancing lights as a vaguely humanoid shape and she sends the figure out over the water.

Q notices multiple points of light off to the left. The light is small and they come in pairs. There are six of these pairs.

Q says, “I see six pairs of faint light to the left.” Q sends her figure over the water towards the pairs of light.

As the figure gets closer to they have a hard time seeing the faint light. As soon as the humanoid shape comes out over the ground, small creatures come out of the darkness and pounce on the figure from about 15 feet in the air.

The three heroes are surprised and Senrin gets a little stressed because they have never seen or heard of anything like the green/grey scaled creatures they just saw.

The three heroes are near the water’s edge with Senrin behind Q and with Ambrose to the right of Q. The creatures are forty feet away around the lake, in dim light.

The Beginning of the End of the World
The Adventures Begin

[As our heroes blindly wander about their lives, fate plummets toward them. Soon they will no longer recognize themselves in many regards. Their deeds will be revered and reviled by the masses, the nobility, and those in the shadows. They will be called saints, murderers, beasts, and paragons. The world they know is not the thing of stone they think; rather a blob of clay at the potter’s table. Upon the stage of destiny our actors await.]

Our three budding heroes start their adventuring career in the city of Vrindir in the latter months of winter. They are here for different reasons. One has been established here for several years and has made a name for herself as a reputable business woman. Another has just come to the city in the last week, seeking money to further his studies into the Arcane Arts. And our third hero is here to try to rebuild his life after a recent life changing event.

As our heroes are going about their everyday but separate routines in the city, they each feel someone make a grab at their belt purses (or equivalent). When they check to see what they have lost, they instead find that they have received a note.

“Come to the tavern ‘The Shady Rafters’ by such and such time or you will come to regret your rashness.”

While waiting at the Shady Rafters for the message sender to make an appearance, a noise came from outside.

“NO! You can’t do that! That is my house! No! …”

Two of our heroes, Senrin and Sicarius Q (or Q), went outside to see what the commotion was all about. The third, Ambrose, continued to brood in the tavern.

Senrin and Q were confronted with the sight of a nobleman with some 20 guards, in the colors of maroon and deep dark grey, in front of a house across the street that had smoke just starting to come out of its windows. A man was yelling and cursing the nobleman.

“That is my house, you have no right to go and burn it down,” the man yelled.

“As a matter of fact, I have every right. You owe me a substantial debt and you have refused to pay. This is the consequence of that refusal,” the nobleman replied.

The man broke down in tears in the street as the fire picked up. The guards made sure that no one could come near to put the fire out. Luckily there was plenty of room between the house and no real wind so the fire did not spread. The nobleman and guards stayed till the house was suitably burnt down that the house would have to be rebuilt from the ground up.

As the heroes were watching this, along with a gathering crowd, and small dirt street urchin came up to them individually and said, “You need to come with me, my daddy wants to see you,” in a high childish voice.

The two heroes followed him back into the Shady Rafters to Ambrose were the child repeated his request/statement. The now three heroes followed the child up a set of stairs to the second floor and to a door down the hall. The child opened the door into a private meeting room, where he made his way to the far end of the table where a chair with a booster seat.

After the door was closed, “Well now that is done,” the ‘child’ said in now a deeper and more mature voice. “You all are probably wondering why I have asked you hear.” The pech goes on to explain that the three of us all have debts and those debts now or will shortly belong to the nobleman we saw, a lord Jearen do von tel Rastoon the head of the House of Rastoon. The pech goes on to explain that Lord Rastoon has been accumulating the debts of a significant portion of the population of Veinder in the last three months, and sights such as the one outside have started to happen.

Explaining further, that Lord Rastoon was not always like this, that it wasn’t until three months back when these three women stated to visit him that this behavior stated up. These women were originally believed to just be courtesans because of their visiting him after supper every few nights. But that does not explain why they are still going after this much time; lords grow tired of their playthings quickly.

“So I have a proposal, a mission so to speak, for you three, I want you to investigate Lord Rastoon to find what is influencing him. Find me some evidence of his corruption. But make sure that you are not obvious in your investigation, that the mission remains a secret. If you need to, it is acceptable to kill a few of the guards if necessary. But under no circumstances are you to kill Lord Rastoon or to let him know of this investigation. In return, I will help and protect the three of you. You will not need to worry about your debt inconveniencing you. “

“If you need me or if you have completed the mission; you can get a hold of me if you come here and order a bottle of Skutten. Feel free to rent rooms here or meals if you need to.” After saying all this, but not his name, the pech got up and exited the room.

An awkward moment ensued as our heroes looked at the strangers they stood with. Q starts the ball rolling by introducing herself with Senrin and Ambrose taking her lead. Not ones to linger over personal details they fall in to devising a plan to complete their new found mission.

It was determined that the best place to start was to acquire so additional information. Q, knowing the best way to get information is from loose tongues of those under the influence, suggested that they search for a tavern frequented by the servants and soldiers of the Lord Rastoon.

So our not-yet-merry band sets off in search of a tavern that would meet their needs. As they approach the North Gate on Noble Way, Ambrose spots an out of the way tavern that might have what they are looking for.

Inside the Calves’ Hoof, they approach the bar where an ugly orc is wiping down the bar. The barmaid, Mara, greets them with suspicion and aggression, for she is not used to strangers coming to her bar. After taking our trios orders, she bluntly asks what they were doing there. Senrin was able to allay her suspicion, at least of him, and asks for help and information about Lord Rastoon. Mara was not able to provide much more information besides what our heroes already knew, but she did point out two gentlemen nursing cups that were in the Lord’s colors.

To help ease the way, Senrin set over two house meals. After the men were close to done, Q and Senrin go over to join them. Ambrose does not because he still has his own meal and does not want to frighten them with his appearance.

The men, Randle and Jer, were at first reluctant to part with anything but that Lord Rastoon was a good lord until money and reassurances were offered. While Jer (about 40 years old) quietly cried into his mug, Randle (about 25) goes on to explain the working conditions at the Lord’s estates.

Half of the servants/workers had been dismissed and the other half has been made to pick up the slack. “I feel I have to work twenty hours before I can eat,” Randle says to emphasize his point.

Through prompting, Randle explains that there has been odd traffic into the storehouse every so often but that the servants are cleared out so they do not see what is happening.

When asked about the visiting women, Randle explains that they are completely covered; that the only way he could tell that they were women was from their shape.

Q and Senrin thank the men for their time and collect Ambrose as they leave. Relaying what they found, Q insisted they find a local Brothel to question some guards (believing that they would have more sensitive information).

At the first brothel, the trio was rudely informed that Lord Rastoon has whores brought onto the estates for his guards. They were asked to leave after this tidbit.

Determined, the trio heads to the noisiest bar on the street, reasoning that soldiers would be here. There were three.

Rough bar

The three soldiers were seated in the southwest corner with three open tables around them. It was apparent that they wanted their space. The rest of the bar was about 90% full. Our heroes took the long table between the soldiers and the bar. By watching, Senrin noticed only a few of the serving staff went to the soldiers. Senrin hailed an older server and ale, hoping that he could pumper her for info. It was not to be.

Q decides to use some of her magic to influence the soldiers. See send a whisper of her girlish laugh to the center soldier. When this happens, the soldier tries to see where it came from. At the same time, a fight breaks out on the far side of the room over a dice game. See this, the soldier points it out to his friends and they have a laugh over it.

Senrin, seeing an opportunity, gets up and moves cautiously over to the soldiers. When confronted, Senrin says he is avoiding the fight. Senrin is not able to get close.

As the fight is starting to be broken up by bouncers and serving maid is close to the table, Q whispers to the soldier on the end.

“Tee Hee, I think your friend is cute.”

The soldier looks up and gets a drunken happy look on his face. He talks to his friends. The body language implies that the soldier thinks it is his lucky day.

The soldier gets up and drunkenly makes his way to a serving maid. It looks like he propositions her. There is a bemusing back and for till the soldier and his friends are asked to leave by the establishment.

Our trio gets up and very stealthily follows behind the soldiers. The soldiers do not notice their new tails.

While following our heroes learn that the lord and most of his soldiers are out on a training exercise and will be back later that night.

The soldiers are heading home. When they get to the service gate at the side of the estates, they open it with a key. As the gate swings closed, it catches on a rock, preventing it from latching. Keeping to the trees inside the gate our heroes continue to follow the oblivious soldiers.

When the soldiers get to a second, guarded and lighted, gate our heroes instead follow the trees around the wall, out of sight.

Estate proper

When our heroes get to the trees closest to the wall, they first check to see if the coast is clear then they jump the 6 foot wall. They investigate the grounds, trying to find where things are. At one point they attract the attention of a patrolling guard.

They draw him away from the three guards they had noticed in the middle of the grounds. As soon as they are far enough away as to not get noticed, Senrin color sprays their lone guard. Ambrose goes up to the guard and scratches the guard’s armor instead of harming him. Q takes over and head butts the guard. Her head butt collapses the lower part of his face and knocks him unconscious. Q pulls out a garrote and finishes him off. Senrin finds 195s on the body. Ambrose hides the body in the underbrush of one of the nearby trees.

The trio finishes exploring the rest of the main grounds before making for the back service entrance at the rear of the manor proper.

Scene 2:

Scene 2 start

When they enter they find a servant stunned by their appearance there. Before they could reassure him of their benign intentions, the servant ran screaming from the room. It sounded like he screamed through the whole first floor before exiting through another entrance.

The heroes at first followed the servant into the kitchen, but instead they decided to make their way down the stair into the cellar.

Manor basement lvl 1

The trio searched the storage room because of the information from Randle. Noticing the heavy treaded path on the right side of the divide they further investigated. Suspecting a hidden entrance, Senrin cast Detect Secret Doors (to the annoyance of the Supreme Being), revealing a … hidden door.

As our heroes make their way down the passageway behind the door, they hear voices discussing weapons purchases.

Q and Ambrose decide between them that they want to be as intimidating as possible when they burst in on the people talking. They kick the door off its hinges into the next room.

A clerk behind a desk was so frightened by this that he literally shat his pants. The armored figure with him only looked ‘oh no, you didn’t.’

The armored figure, goon, was wearing a fully lacquered plate armor with a helmet under his arm and a flail at his waist.

Q stepped up to Goon and punched him in his face and then tried to take his weapon. Ambrose also steps over to Goon but only slides his dagger along Goon’s armor (wtf Ambrose). Senrin, seeing his companions in the way shot a trio of magic missiles at goon. Goon just looked even more pissed at these events.

Instead of staying and fighting, Goon runs from the room through the other door in the room yelling, “You shall not get my secrets! Intruders! To arms! To arms!”

Ignoring the cowering clerk, the heroes race after their prey. Senrin, the first to the large training room where Goon had stopped, cast color spray. He manages to stun two of the four enemies waiting for our party.

Goon, “Get them!”

Q again approaches Goon, who is now ready for her with his flail out and helmet on. She again socks it to him. He returns the favor but does not visibly harm Q. Ambrose moves to attack Goon, but Goon easily avoids Ambrose’s lunge. Senrin sends another trio of missiles at Goon but they misfire and instead hit soldier 3, narrowly missing Q and Goon. Soldier 1, which was not stunned and blinded, moves behind Ambrose and flanks him. Soldier 1 uses his flail to give Ambrose a minor scratch.

Q punches Goon yet again and then again attempts to disarm him. She succeeds and tossed the flail fifteen feet behind him. Senrin sends two missiles at soldier 1 and the other missile at Goon. Goon retreats and picks up his flail as he moves away. Ambrose swiftly turns around and stabs Soldier 1 in his liver through a chink in soldier 1’s armor. Soldier 1 did not know what hit him as he dies with a surprised look on his face. Soldier 2 blindly moves toward Ambrose and takes a swing at him, scoring several more cuts and scrapes. Soldier 3 attempts to do the same thing with Q; or maybe to jump rope with his flail. Soldier 3 trips over his flail, falls on his face and breaks his neck.

Q follows Goon and again pommels him. Senrin sends a final three missiles at Goon, who is looking tired. Goon gets a solid hit on Q. Ambrose turns on soldier 2 and stabs him in the heart. Ambrose then takes a step towards Q and the Goon.

Q shoves her bladed hand up under Goon’s helmet and into his jaw. Blood starts to run down Goon’s breastplate. Goon takes a quick swipe at Q before turning and running away. Q catches up and rams her hand through his back, grabs his heart and presents it beating before his face.

After the fight, Ambrose and Senrin find 39s on the soldiers’ bodies. Q finds 171s on Goon plus a small sack with a Fancy Pair of Socks worth 16s. Searching the two barrack rooms, they find one Lieutenant’s Flail and one jar of Mage Armor Oil.

They went back to the clerk’s room to find the clerk had buggered out of there. Searching for evidence, they find a document outlining the purchase of a large amount of weapons and arms in Lord Rastoon’s colors. The trio searched the final room in the cellar, which looked to have been Goon’s office. Inside they found training manuals and books, such as on siege tactics, and a document that looked to be a report on a recent training exercise for about sixty soldiers with three lieutenants.

The trio makes their way down the final set of stairs. They find a dungeon with some skeletons and one person that appears to be about to give up his ghost.

Manor basement lvl 2

They heal him and revive him. He informs that that he has been there for about a month. That Lord Rastoon had bought his large gambling debt. After he was captured trying to get away he was brought here to devise an acid to eat away the rock to further the excavation going on in this subbasement. Our heroes take him up to the kitchen to have him eat while they continue to search the premise.

Manor first floor

The trio makes a quick search of the first floor. When they find nothing of interest, they head up to the second.

Manor second floor

In the Library on the second floor they find the book Lives of Danny Haberdasher. Stuck in the book were a set of pages that appeared to be written in code. To hide the nature of what was happening; Q pulled random books down from the shelves.

While going by the library windows, our heroes notice that there is a large group of torches moving toward the manor. Believing this is the returning troops that were out on exercise, our trio knows that they have little time left to find the evidence they need.

Q, Senrin, and Ambrose go searching through other rooms as quickly as they can. They come to the Lord Rastoon’s office with his desk. Senrin manages to get the drawers open while Q just bashed the top in.

Searching the deck in the Lord’s chambers, they find a Book of crafting in other language with more coded pages stuck in. Also found is a letter written in innuendos.

After Q bashes the desk, she goes and carves a large x across the portrait behind the desk.

Ambrose places the needle from the lock to the bedroom onto the middle of the bed and grabs a dress that was sized for Lord Rastoon.

After all this, the trio head back out into the hall and see that the crowd is almost to the manor. To slow pursuit and to hide missing evidence, Q ran through the upper floor setting stuff on fire. Then the three decide to make a hasty exit from the top floor.

The heroes escape by feather falling out the back windows. They make a run for the back of the estate while keeping to the shadows. They pass the farm and the servant quarters on their way to a possible alternative exit from the grounds.

After eluding pursuit (or was it just held up by THE LORD’S MANOR BURNING DOWN), the heroes head through town back to the Shady Rafters. When they get there they order a bottle of Skutten. While they are waiting the bartender politely suggests to Q that she might want to remove some of the blood that she is covered in. After Q cleaned herself the bartender asks that we make our way back to the room that we met the pech at in the meantime. When the pech arrives, the heroes hand over their evidence and describe some of what they saw while on the estate, in particular the alchemist and the excavation site.

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