Seekers of a'Vron

An Old World, An Old War, Part I

Session 4

Start out talking to the builder.

Discussed him and his 13 brother’s problems.

builder intends to recapture his brother Xandir and to fix the machine, called the Solarium.

The heroes try to leave but find that they are now outside of time.

All step out together.

They appear in a very, very temperate forest around midday, not in the caves in winter where they started.

They hear sounds in the distance and go to investigate.

They find the city of Zay, (the builder recognizes it) under siege. They are back in the time of the construction of the Solarium.

They party heads to the city, “Q” kills a beast unfortunate enough to get in her way.

View outside the city

They enter the city and head to the center. The city has been breached so they must pick their path carefully.

Paths to the center

They run into six humanoids with war hammers. “Q” kills 2, Ambrose kills 3, and Senrin paralyses and slits the throat of the last one. 3 more show up which “Q” dissolves with acid.

First street battle

They head on and find three more of the humanoids and a large lizard. The divert them into an alley and Senrin and Ambrose kill them. While this happens, “Q” finds six two headed giants sneaking up on them. She instead ambushes and kills all six before Senrin and Ambrose notice.


They make it to the center keep with no further incidents. They enter the library at the base of the builder’s tower (who is by now called Engi, short for engineer). They find a book of maps that Senrin make a quick copy of the map.

Center of the city
Lower four levels of tower
The builders workroom

They head up to the top of the tower and find out that they are 2.5 thousand measures in the past (about 30,000 years).

Engi starts to make something to bring us back to the correct time and place and tells the heroes to guard him while he does.

They get into a great big battle at the entrance to the tower and just kick ass and don’t even bother taking names till (what I believe is) Conflict shows up and starts to tear the tower apart.

The quad (builder, Senrin, Ambrose, and “Q”) use the plate the builder just created to escape.

They find themselves in a winter wasteland in what appears to be the ruins of the city Zay.


Heartsbane DaveD

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