Seekers of a'Vron

An Old World, An Old War, Part II

Session 5

note of rule changes: each player (including DM) receives 2 additional action die at each scene but they to not affect the starting die number (so receive 6 but still count 4). In addition, action die now explode at highest and lowest roll (ex 1 and/or a 6 on a d6). Also, a wild magic result can only happen once per scene unless of special circumstances. And finally, magic is now cynical. At the start of the scene a d6 is rolled. For a 1 or 2, Senrin has a max of half his spell points. For a 3 or 4, they stay at normal levels. And with a 5 or 6, he has 50% more points.

“Q” is now Earth

The three heroes are fatigued and need to rest.

The builder makes them a shelter.

After some crafting the set out to where the builder remembers a city being.

They get attacked by ice serpents and flying fire lizards on the way.

City at the harbor

At the top a the hill over looking the city, Ambrose talks to the other two away from Engi.

“Q” walks away and pokes some snow.

Yeti fight

A Yeti rises out of the snow. The party kills it in 42 seconds.

They head into the city. Con an old man, sell some loot and are cheated, and man another man some everlasting Viagra.


Heartsbane DaveD

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