Seekers of a'Vron

Loot From Adventure One


405 + 357 silver
1 Fancy Pair of Socks 16 silver
1 Lieutenant’s Flail 10 silver
1 Mage Armor Oil (Mage Armor Oil: A character or item treated with this oil
benefits from a Mage Armor spell.) 100 silver (Still good till half way into the next adventure)
1 Level 3 Scroll (nature’s ally 2) 200 silver
1 small box lined with silver (salvaged item – I do not know where to look for this value)
1 Monster Art (wooden frame with a forest scene depicting a bear and the moon) 100 silver
2 Anointed Vial: A character or item whose Alignment opposes that of the vial contents (determined when the vial is made) suffers 2d6 divine damage. (25 silver each = 50 silver) (This will spoil but I am going to assume that it will do so at the end of the next adventure since we received at the end of this one.)

Total reputation gained through the adventure 3 + 15 + Legend + 5 = 23 + Legend


If we stick with the 27:27:27:19 ratio then we each get 205.74 silver each with our group pot being 144.78!

Loot From Adventure One

Furthermore – I think Sean should take the Level 3 scroll – we should sell the Art & Flail (unless someone wants it) – and the vials should be good for anyone to use! The socks should be kept cause we can use it to haggle later on :D

Loot From Adventure One

I like that. I think Sean should also get the mage armor oil. I think you and I should hold onto an anointed vial till we can sell them.

Loot From Adventure One
Heartsbane DaveD

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