Seekers of a'Vron

Loot so far

What we sold and what we kept

What we had from last Adventure:
Loot From Adventure One
mage oil is now worth half price as alchemy material
the anointed vials also worth the same

What we gained:
1 Flawless Vest (Fancy Vest)
1 perfect molar/tooth of a Yeti
1 Charm
1 expensive ring
1 level 2 scroll of Good Berry
1 level 3 scroll of sleep 2
1 piece of chalk
4 resisting cold oils
4 shattering vials
2 mana potions
and 440 silver
20 silver each from the inn
110 silver material for metal crafting
66 silver worth of mage material
1100 silver worth of Mysterious Maw-Toothed Terror material (from either bone, fur, and/or meat) – can only be used in the city.


Heartsbane DaveD

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