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The Story of how Q became Sicarius Q.

Q’s family history does not come with a pretty tree that branches off to her different family members like other of her race because she is not actually human. Although she appears human in her current form, Q possesses qualities of both a dragon and an elemental, fused into one body. The thing is, she doesn’t know. Growing up she had an interesting relationship with her parents. Just like your average human family, the mother was caring and nurturing while the father was a bit more ridged. Her mother, Eva, was a fluid kind of woman – Always in tune with nature in a druidic kind of way but not so much that she was a “tree hugger” or a “hippy”. Her mother encouraged Q to embrace life and embrace nature and all it has to offer. Her father Torben, was more of a rugged fellow who encouraged Q to embrace herself and what she was on the inside. He bared a dragon tattoo that wrapped around his wrist, outlined in fire. Often you could find Q and Torben outside pretending to sword fight with sticks. Eva often disapproved of Q learning how to fight but she knew that it would come in handy one day. But to every story, there is a twist. Eva & Torben were not actually human but rather in their human forms.

When the two of them met, they were both in their humanoid forms and fell in love instantly. There was a magical night of love making that sparked the creation of Q – the only problem is … this kind of happened accidentally and when Torben found out Eva was pregnant and noticed it wasn’t a normal human pregnancy – the beans were spilled. Arguments were had, fingers pointed, blaming each other for this… but Torben was stumped. He had not yet informed Eva that he was also of a different race in humanoid form… but even so, how could a dragon mate with an elemental? Sure, dragonborns are heard of but an elemental and a dragon?

He debated for several weeks in revealing his true form to Eva but his heart strings tugged every time he saw Eva – he loved her and her charm. Once again arguments were had, fingers pointed… but the two of them saw through their differences and realized that they will have a child that would be truly unique. No one has ever heard of an elemental dragon kin before. Neither Torben nor Eva knew what kind of power rested with their child… and then she was born. Neither of them knew what would happen but to their surprise, Q was human.

Eva and Torben made an agreement with one another that they would raise Q until she was old enough to take care of herself. They would each teach her things that would help her in the real world. The agreed not to reveal to Q her true inner nature for neither of them knew how to break it to her nor knew if she could even possess what they do. When Q was 16, she was ready to live on her own. She wasn’t really pushed out by her parents – it was more like she wanted to go out into the world and start her life.

Eva and Torben couldn’t be more proud of Q and the young lady she developed into. She was smart, charming, yet strong – Because of her training with her father, she learned the importance of the body and how to find weaknesses in others. “One does not need to have brute strength to take down their opponent” Torben would often tell Q… a motto that encouraged her tattoo on her right for-arm: “Strength of Mind: Strength of Body” written in draconian. She doesn’t know that it is draconian… Her father wanted to form a bond with Q – one that goes beyond fatherhood. He taught her the language of the dragons but told Q it was a language only the two of them would share – a secret language that allowed them to speak to one another when they didn’t want Eva listening to their conversation. Often times, you could hear Q randomly talking in draconian without realizing it – especially when get becomes flustered.

After her departure, Eva and Torben remained in contact but no longer lived together. They would pop in to visit Q from time to time but mostly left her to grow and develop on her own… they had their own problems to attend to…

So, Q continues to age like a normal human and lives in the city of Vrindir. Often she would take on small jobs here and there helping out others in the town but found herself often enjoying those that reminded her of her father and their training. Often, you could find Q hanging out with individuals from the Company and taking on small jobs such as a security guard – club bouncer – the like. A few members in the company sometimes hire Q to do some of their more “dirty jobs” that require someone who is fast, stealthy, and knows how not to leave a blood trail. This is where she got the nickname “Sicarius” – a name only given to the deadliest of assassins…

She only entrusted in a few friends, some working for the company others just common folk. In her down time she would often search for something she didn’t know… not so much knowledge, but skills – trades if you will. She found that for some reason she enjoyed playing with different substances – trying to make something new out of two completely opposite liquids. Sometimes, her creations would consume her for days until she felt like she got it just right. Of course, not every creation worked. Some caused her to become nauseated, sleepy, or down right pass out… others would poison her causing terror to ensue… but for some reason she always was able to bounce back and get right back in the game. Q knew that her creations were unique and some unheard of by the common folk – so she would often write down her recipes in draconian for she knew no one else knew this language…

Q is now 27 and itches to see the world and venture outside of Vrindir. It was the day she was planning to leave and venture out into the world when she was stopped by a child, one that needed her help which lead to where she is today….


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