Room Benefits for Logic’s Mountain Fortress

Note: The loss of a room also loses the benefit of the room(s)

Armory: Grants a moral bonus of +1 to Defense, Attack, and Damage to the party and soldiers.

Barracks: Allows the soldiers to rest and heal.

Workshop: New traps can be made. Also, traps can be repaired.

Storage: Necessary for function of most rooms.

Mess hall: Prevents starvation, removes fatigued, sickened.

Kitchen: Necessary for the mess hall.

Guard Room: Defenders gain a +4 initiative moral bonus and a +1 to attack, damage and defense. They also to not start off flat footed at the start of combat. They are also able to take 2 half actions during surprise rounds.

Officer’s Quarters: Officers can heal; the party can sleep and heal.

Library: Grants a +1 moral bonus to spell variable effects.

Logic’s Rooms: Required.

Training Room: NPC guards are treated at +1 TL.

Prison: In prison captured enemies and gain information from them.

Medica: Revive fallen soldiers, heal critical injuries, and produces medical supplies.

Room Benefits for Logic’s Mountain Fortress

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